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Once upon a time...

This is the story of the Little Red Welder, that helped over 80 children in Central America live in a new home with a Red Metal Roof. Told from the perspective of the welder, with fun artwork throughout!

The story promotes team work, volunteerism, generosity, and self confidence.

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Once Upon A Time... There was an amazing lady named Momma Leonie, who lived in Belize, a beautiful country in Central America.

She lived in a small house, with 80 children... 80 CHILDREN. Can you imagine them all? There is barely room to move, the house is so full!

Momma Leonie will never turn away a child in need. But now, the house is too full... its time to build a new home. A home for 80 Children is very big, and it will take a lot of time and money and people to help build it.

Every day, Momma Leonie tells the children that they are the Children of The King.

This is the story of the new King's Children's Home.

As of August 2014, the book is ready in Kindle format, and the physical book will be ready very soon! Feel free to check out the Preview version by clicking the image above (Its nearly the same as the book version!) and please be sure to share this with all your friends. The main purpose of the book is to help support the Home. I'm still setting prices on the physical version of the book, but I expect to be donating any profits (over the base cost of printing) to the Home. Thanks!

Construction is complete and the children are living in their new home! But the story isn't over! We still need Your Help!

To help with the ongoing expenses, or to learn more about the King's Children's Home,
Please visit the King's Children's Home Website by clicking here!